Thailand Elections: Voters Choose PPP

New York Times: “Former Premier’s Party Wins Thai Vote” A party that backs former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra won a parliamentary election on Sunday, defeating a party backed by the generals who ousted him in a coup 15 months ago. At a recent rally for the People Power Party, participants wore masks bearing the likeness […]

How to Learn Thai

Many months ago, reader Paul D., who lives in California, asked me for advice on learning Thai. While I’m not an expert and certainly not an advanced speaker, here’s a slightly expanded version of what I told him based on my experience as an enthusiastic — but far from talented — student. I invite […]

Waffle-Coated Hot Dog: Consumed in Kanchanaburi, Thailand

Remember the french fry-coated hot dog that I photographed in Seoul a while back? I mean, seriously, given the international acclaim that followed, how could you forget? Well, in my ongoing quest to identify and consume hot dogs encrusted in all manner of incongruous snack foods, I bring you the waffle-coated hot dog. In a […]