Stallone: I Received Death Threats on Thai-Myanmar Border

Rambo IV. Baby

Sylvester Stallone — who, you’ll recall, has weighed in on Myanmar before — says he received death threats while filming his upcoming flick, “John Rambo,” here in Thailand. Times of India:

Actor-director Sylvester Stallone has revealed that he received a series of death threats while filming upcoming sequel John Rambo along the troubled Thailand-Myanmar border.

The 61-year-old star said that his crew was filming on the Salween River when they were warned that they would be shot if they did not leave the place immediately.

“We were on the Salween River and we were told to get out because we were going to be shot,” Contactmusic quoted him as telling American TV show Entertainment Tonight .

Stallone also claimed watching refuges fleeing from Myanmar to Thailand during his stay at the location.

“It’s the most brutal regime in the world and the most secretive. It has an oppressive regime that (keeps all riches) for themselves. Everyone is forced into drugs or prostitution or slavery,ā€ he said.

“People are escaping all the time (from Myanmar), coming over with gaping, maggot-infested wounds, their ears being cut off. You saw a lot of suffering, a lot of malnutrition,ā€ he added.

  • Do you think the movie will be any good? If he can pull Rocky back from the godawful Rocky V, maybe he can do it for Rambo from Rambo III.

  • No clue, Matt. The Rambo flicks have never been my cup of tea, but I think this one — due to the subject matter — will be a must-see šŸ™‚

  • Jake

    Stallone fears nothing.