Thailand Coup: Nine Days In

The big news in Bangkok today is that the city’s long-awaited new airport has finally opened. — CNN: Bangkok opens much-delayed air hub — Spluch: World class airport with no air-conditioning? — More airport photos at — The award for best airport story goes to the IHT’s Tom Fuller: Key passages: The official inauguration […]

Thailand Coup: My First-Hand Account

I’ve got a new story over at Tripmaster Monkey. It’s called “My First Coup.”

Thailand Coup: Nearing a Week In

[Image via] I’m particularly busy at the moment, so my daily postings regarding the “smooth as silk” coup will be a bit sparse for a little while. In the meantime, check out BangkokPundit, who’s doing a great job of keeping tabs on the situation.

Thailand Coup: Did Thaksin Know it Was Coming?

AP: Former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra may have whisked some of his assets out of the country aboard two aircraft days before a military coup ousted him from power, airline officials said Sunday. An official from Thai Airways International, who demanded anonymity because company policy did not allow him to speak to the press, said […]

Thailand Coup: Day Five

[Image: New York Times] Things’re still quiet here in Bangkok; there was a very small protest at Siam Paragon mall last night. It drew between 15 and 100 protesters, depending on who you ask. By all accounts the numbers of journalists and onlookers outnumbered the protesters. The biggest question today is when a new PM […]

Thailand Coup: Day Three

The IHT‘s Tom Fuller: Thai Junta Imposes Curbs on News Media The WSJ’s James Hookway has a good story: Was Thai Coup Pre-Emptive? AP: Coup raises fresh questions about press freedom in Thailand Seattle Times: Some travelers wary after Thailand coup, but tourism impacts expected to be brief The Independent‘s Justin Huggler: Democracy is dead, […]

Catch Me on KQED’s Pacific Time

UPDATE: The show has aired; you can listen to it here (it can be streamed or downloaded as an mp3). I come on after a couple of minutes. The host, Sydnie Kohara, provides some good context regarding the situation. I was just interviewed by Pacific Time, a radio program that covers “the ideas, trends and […]

Thailand’s Bloodless Coup: Nearing 48 Hours In

I spent four hours this afternoon walking around Bangkok and taking photos and talking to people. The image above very clearly illustrates the situation on the ground: Soldiers stand guard, while behind them civilians go about their daily lives. To the right, the two symbols of the nation — the country’s tri-colored flag and a […]

Thailand’s Bloodless Coup: 24 Hours In

Thailand’s Prime Minister, Thaksin Shinawatra, was overthrown 24 hours ago in a bloodless coup. History is in the making here in the Thai capital. And while the images and stories flowing out of Thailand might portray an unstable city, a strange sense of calm has descended upon the normally frenetic Bangkok. The streets, which typically […]

Thailand Coup: 11 a.m. Bangkok Time

Here’re a few links to media coverage this historic Wednesday morning. I’ll be away from the Internet for the next eight hours or so, but will be back soon with more info and hopefully some analysis. Foreign cable TV networks — BBC, CNN, etc. — are off the air in Bangkok, but Thai stations, mobile […]