My Story on World Cup Supporters in Thailand

I have a story in today’s IHT/ThaiDay about international World Cup supporters here in Bangkok. I tracked down some Germans (easy), some English (also easy), an Italian (not so easy), and an Argentine (quite difficult). I tried to capture these fans’ hopes for what their squads might accomplish over the coming days. A snip from […]

US Soccer: Postmortem Analsysis

A few of you have asked me to weigh in on the US national soccer team’s dismal performance at the World Cup. The American squad, it pains me to note, lost two games, tied one, scored only two goals (one of which was an own-goal gifted to them by the Italians), and generally stunk up […]

Thai Monks and the World Cup

Thanks to the fine folks at World Hum for 1) pointing out a funny story about Thai monks enjoying (perhaps too much) the World Cup, and 2) mentioning my recent IHT/ThaiDay articles about the Kingdom’s contribution to the tournament.

Bangkok’s Coolest Web Cafe

In my most recent Gridskipper dispatch, I take a look at True Urban Park, a Web cafe (and much more) in Bangkok’s Siam Paragon mall.

Back in Bangkok

So. I’m back in Bangkok. SC was fun. DC was great. The wedding on Cape Cod was fantastic. And now I’m back home in the Kingdom. Wow — that was a whirlwind two weeks in Amurica, that much is certain. A few pics for your viewing pleasure. A and I watched England beat Ecuador 1-0 […]

Congrats, Miles and Susie

Many, many congratulations to my good friends Miles and Susie, who I was delighted to see get hitched last weekend on Cape Cod — the reason I came home from Thailand on this trip. Here’re some pics.

NK: Gassin’ up a Taep’o-dong 2

With the North Koreans preparing to test launch a ballistic missile (the Taep’o-dong 2), I thought this would be a good time to re-visit the bizarre NK images I linked to a few days back — see them again for the first time with English captions. Also, I came across the following image. If you […]

“Lungs Aren’t Bags”

The one and only Rob “Cockeyed” Cockham gives us “Things I Figured Out.” I particularly like this one: Lungs aren’t bags. Lungs are where oxygen is introduced into your bloodstream. They hold air, but they aren’t just empty pink sacks. Lungs are packed full of a complex system of tunnels and pockets, so that every […]

DC Readers: See You Tomorrow (Tuesday) Night

Sorry for the late notice, but the details for you harDCore fans in the vicinity of our nation’s fine capital: Where: Cafe Citron, on Connecticut Avenue just south of Dupont Circle (they have great mojitos, pictured above). When: Tuesday night (the 20th), from 7 p.m.-ish. Why: Because I’m in town and I’m leaving on […]