Fantastic Web-Based Word Processor

Writely is an exceptionally useful Web-based word processor that I recently discovered. I hate having to fire up MS Word each time I want to jot down some notes, and Writely works right in your Web browser. You can edit HTML formatting, save docs as PDFs, manage collaborative editing, spellcheck, access files via multiple computers, […]

“Eight-year-olds, Dude”

How come no one told me that the entire “Big Lebowski” screenplay is available online as a text file?! I need to know these things. Big+Lebowski

Cute Overload

This is entirely not my kind of thing because I am such a badass, but because I love my readers, and I know many of readers would love this, I give you… CuteOverload, the blog devoted to all things cute. OMG sooooooooo adorable 🙂 cute

All Eyes on Bolivia

Will this indigenous man — a former coca farmer — be the next president of Bolivia? No one knows for sure. The election is on Sunday.

Best Newspaper Corrections of 2005

This list of the best newspaper corrections of 2K5 contains some true, true gems. Like this one, which features the most evocative — if wrong — lede in the history of journalism. Click on the image to read: And this one’s pretty good, too: (Via The Taipei Kid.)

Teacher Busted for Snorting Coke in Class

WFMY: Jacksonville, FL — It didn’t take long for students in the 2nd period 7th grade science class at Lake Shore Middle School to realize something was wrong with their substitute teacher. Now that’s what I call higher education. *Rimshot*

Japanese Emoticons

Guess what this is: Why, it’s a cuttlefish, of course. Duh! Check out some more Japanese emoticons.