Occam’s Razor, Browsers, and newley.com

Occam’s Razor is a theory that states that the simplest explanation is always best. And so it was with a little newley.com bug that I finally got around to fixing just now.

Those of you reading this page on Internet Exploder Explorer will note that newley.com is finally rendering correctly. Before, the sidebar on the left was often pushed down below the main column.

I’d assumed the problem, which had been nagging at me since I redesigned the site, was due to CSS or some other WordPress-related issue. I’ve spent a lot of time tweaking the coding for the site to no avail. But, alas, I remedied it by simply adjusting the photos I post here so that they fit in the main column.

Internet Explorer doesn’t resize such images; the vastly superior Firefox (or, as Mike F. reommends, Camino), does that automatically.

So the lesson: use Firefox. (It’s becoming more and more popular, but IE is still controls close to 90% of the browser market .) And always focus on the simplest fixes first.

(P.S. newley.com loads correctly on IE version 6, but leave a comment below if it doesn’t look right in an older version of IE — or any other browser you’re using.)

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