So Long, Generalist

I’ve removed the term “generalist” from the title of I’m no longer “Newley Purnell, Generalist.” Now I’m just right back at where it all began: “Newley Purnell.”*

The “generalist” moniker…well, it just felt kind of lame. All this time. I’ll admit it. I mean, yeah, I am a generalist. I like a lot of different stuff. I’m fairly knowledgeable across various disciplines. But I don’t know. It just felt weird. I never got used to referring to myself publicly as a generalist. So there you go. Done and done.

*I spent a lot of time last weekend with many readers. And one of them, the esteemed and always-opinionated Mike W., had this comment on the issue: “I liked ‘Newley Purnell: An American Living and Teaching English in…’ much better. ‘Newley Purnell, Generalist’ takes himself way too seriously.”

By Newley

Hi. I'm Newley Purnell. I cover technology and business for The Wall Street Journal. I use this site to share my stories and often blog about the books I'm reading, tech trends, sports, travel, and our dog Ginger. For updates, get my weekly email newsletter.

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