Alert! Unidentified Chinese Sea Monster with Detached Tailbone Found! Early on the morning of July 23, a fisherman from Ningbo City in east China’s Zhejiang Province was shocked by the sight of a huge creature lying dead beside the seawall near his home. Liu, who lives in Yangshashan of Chunxiao Town in Beilun District and who has been a fisherman for over ten […]

Ecuador, Peru, and the Failed States Index Map

Check out Foreign Policy’s Failed States Index Map. Interesting stuff. My gripe: Ecuador is listed as “borderline,” while neighboring Peru is described as “in danger.” Is Peru really in worse shape than Ecuador, which has seen three presidents deposed since 1997? While Peruvian president Alejandro Toledo’s approval ratings have been subterranean for a while (only […]

Motorcycles Around the World

Question: why are motorcycles so prevalent in Asia and yet comparatively less widespread in other parts of the world? I have no idea. I’ve asked smart people about this in the past but have received no compelling explanation. Is it because Asian cities are more compact than those in the West, making shorter distances more […]

Chelsea FC vs. DC United

Last night Chris D. and I went to see Chelsea, the reigning champions of the English Premier League, play DC United in an exhibition game. Chelsea won 2-1; their star-studded lineup was highly impressive, though DCU put up a good fight (and, in fact, scored first and held the lead for a fleeting four minutes). […]

Dude, Watch Out or I’ll Sick My Hyena On You

Seriously. Reason number 541 that I want to go to Nigeria. Behold: More pics here. More info here. Perhaps the most amusing photo of the lot:

Nap Cap Pricing and Indigenous Indonesian Clog Wearing Customs

In an ongoing email thread, my Dad and I have been pondering an interesting question he raised: since Indonesia was colonized by the Dutch, did the native population ever take to wearing clogs? He writes: Newl- Did you notice that the NC [Ed — he’s referring, of course, to the previously-mentioned Nap Cap] is $99.95! […]