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Welcome to the all-new I hope you like what you see. I’ve implemented a new design. The layout’s still simple. No fancy stuff.

(I’m still working out some of the kinks, so if anything looks weird, please let me know. I know that some visitors who’re using Internet Explorer are having trouble seeing the links along the left side of the page—they sometimes get pushed to the bottom. If you do use Internet Exploder Explorer, do yourself a favor and download Firefox!)

Anyway, while the site’s design is different, the biggest changes are under the hood, so to speak. Instead of Blogger, which I used to manage my Weblog before, I’ve switched to WordPress. I like it a lot. It’s a lot more powerful—I can use it to administer my entire site, as opposed to just the Weblog page. I’ve also switched to a new Web host. I signed up with DreamHost. They’re great.

Here’s a quick rundown of new features:

—comments for all the posts. I’m thrilled about that—now you can all respond directly to my inane musings and call me out on them;

—a search feature, which works well;

—categories for all of the posts;

—an RSS feed (though I’m still trying to get it to work);

Let me know what you think! I am here to serve you, after all, dear readers.

By Newley

Hi. I'm Newley Purnell. I cover technology and business for The Wall Street Journal. I use this site to share my stories and often blog about the books I'm reading, tech trends, sports, travel, and our dog Ginger. For updates, get my weekly email newsletter.

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