“Huge send-off for Taiwan mobster”

BBC: “Thousands of mourners have attended the funeral parade of a veteran crime boss in Taipei, Taiwan.”

More on Soccer and America

One of the most frequently-accessed items on newley.com is “On Soccer and America,” an essay I penned following the American national team’s surprising success at the last World Cup. I’ve been meaning to follow up on the topic; recent news developments have brought the issue to my attention once again. Of particular interest is the […]

Drug Smuggling News

Miami: “Customs and Border Patrol officials said they have stopped an operation that was trying to smuggle cocaine into the U.S. by hiding it in a shipment of plantains from Ecuador.” Australia: “Many Australians reacted with anger and shock after a Queensland woman they believe is innocent was found guilty of smuggling drugs into Bali […]

Joyous Liverpudlians

Watched the fabulous ending to the excellent Champions League final last night. Liverpool was down 3-0 at halftime against AC Milan and yet they rallied to even the score and then win in penalty kicks. I’ve always loved the Liverpool goalkeeper Jerzy Dudek—a Pole whose dad was a coal miner—and he proved his mettle by […]

“Former President Clinton quietly given Lynndie England’s phone number”

Don’t miss the fine print on the filibuster deal.

On Getting Up Early

“How to Become and Early Riser.” I always struggle to get out of bed in the morning, even when I’ve had enough sleep. One semester, when I was teaching in Ecaudor, I taught a class that began at 7:00 a.m. I got up every day at 6:00, took a shower, drank some coffee, taught my […]

Smallest, Coolest Apartment Contest

I’ve lived in my fair share of small apartments, but none of them were nearly hip enough to submitted in the smallest, coolest apartments contest.