Sand Storm in Iraq

My buddy Brad H., who is a badass and flies FA-18 fighter jets in Iraq, sends along these incredible photos of a recent sand storm that enveloped his base. He writes: “I just thought I would send a quick note with a couple of pictures from a sandstorm that rolled through the base this afternoon. […]

The Future of Weblogs and Journalism

The Economist: “Is Rupert Murdoch right to predict the end of newspapers as we now know them?” OJR: “Advertising, editorial lines blur as bloggers’ salaries tied to traffic.” Business Week: “Blogs Will Change Your Business Also, as an aside, I discovered recently that Bluffton, South Carolina, right down the coast from my home town of […]

Ecuador Wrap-Up

A few more items re: Ecuador. I think this’ll be my last Ecuador-related post for a while. First, an on-the-ground report from my Ecuadorian friend Dennis P. I emailed him to ask what he thought about all the turmoil. To paraphrase Dennis’s response in Spanish, he said this: “It’s all a mess. I don’t know. […]

Checking in on Ecuador

Jordan L. points out this interesting photo essay in the Ecuadorian daily El Comercio. And as for the ousted Lucio Gutierrez, the AP tells us that he has taken refuge in Brazil.

Another Ecuador Analyst Weighs In

Mike A. is another gringo friend of mine who knows a lot about Ecuador. I lived with him briefly duing his year in Cuenca. He writes: “I was surprised to see [Lucio’s ouster] happen when it did, but I’d imagine that Febres Cordero and/or (likely and) Nebot cut a deal with Palacios or believed that […]

More from Mike F. in Ecuador

Mike says: “Here are a couple of visuals for you. The first one, angry, is the Prefect(left arrow) of Pichincha and the mayor of Quito (right arrow) on the 6th ofApril. They have been leading the charge to oust Lucio. Is it any wonderwe have descended into the debacle that is now on CNN? The […]

More Ecuador Coverage

Miami Herald editorial: “Politics-by-mob claims another victim.” Key passage: “It’s hard to feel sorry for President Lucio Guti�rrez of Ecuador, the latest victim of the ominous slide of democracy that is roiling the Andes, because he has no one but himself to blame for the blatant power grab that produced his downfall. Still, Mr. Guti�rrez, […]

Ecuador: the Day After

For the third time in eight years, Ecuadorians woke up to a new president this morning. Before we get to the media coverage, here’s my quick take on the situation. Someone just asked me what’s “the story” here, and whether the new president will be any better than Lucio. Here’s what I told him: —The […]

My Buddy Mike F. in Cuenca, Ecuador Writes…

“I commend you on your journalistic integrity innot saying that Lucio was gone until he actually was,that was more than one could ask of the local press.As the gangs of youth stormed past the recentlysidelined cops and militaries, commentators abruptlystarted calling him ex-presidente. Perhaps the bestscene of the day was in the congress (tucked away […]

The President of Ecuador Has Been Overthrown

Lucio Gutierrez, the President of Ecuador, has been ousted. Vice President Alfredo Palacio Gonzalez has been sworn in. Just got word via Publius Pundit. Here’s what the wires are saying: AP: “Ecuador’s Congress Votes to Remove Embattled President From Power After Week of Protests.” MSNBC: “Ecuador�s Congress fires president; Vice president named to replace embattled […]