Update to My Personal Technology Update

Mike W., ever vigilent, points out that I should have mentioned, below, that I’ve changed my email. It’s now newley@gmail.com. That’s Google’s Web-based email service, which is truly fantastic. (I have many invitations to give away, so if you want an account, just lemme know.) Also, you might like to know that I’m writing this […]

Personal Technology Update

I made two recent gadget purchases. The first: Just before leaving Taiwan, I bought an iPod photo. 30 GB version. I plugged it into my 12″ iBook (her name is iRene), and within 10 minutes my iPod contained over 1,200 songs (which I’d imported from CDs, over the last year, into iTunes) and 800 photos […]

Back in the USSA

I’m typing this dispatch from Beaufort, South Carolina. Back Stateside, baby. After over a year in Asia. Jill’s in Seattle–we parted ways for the time being in Tokyo. I arrived here, to the Lowcountry of SC, late Friday night after a grueling five-leg jaunt that took me from Kaohsiung to Taipei to Tokyo to Los […]

‘Nam Bound

Newley.com shall fall silent for the next two weeks. Jill and I leave for Vietnam in a few hours. We finished teaching on Friday, have some time off, and then will be back in Taiwan on March 21st. On the 25th, we fly back ot the States. We’re excited to be heading to ‘Nam–we fly […]