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Month: March 2005

Update to My Personal Technology Update

Mike W., ever vigilent, points out that I should have mentioned, below, that I’ve changed my email. It’s now That’s Google’s Web-based email service, which is truly fantastic. (I have many invitations to give away, so if you want an account, just lemme know.)

Also, you might like to know that I’m writing this from Blackstone’s Cafe, in the heart of historic Beaufort, South Carolina. Using WiFi (that’s wireless Web access for you hopelessly un-hip.)

Personal Technology Update

I made two recent gadget purchases.

The first: Just before leaving Taiwan, I bought an iPod photo. 30 GB version. I plugged it into my 12″ iBook (her name is iRene), and within 10 minutes my iPod contained over 1,200 songs (which I’d imported from CDs, over the last year, into iTunes) and 800 photos (imported from a digital camera using iPhoto). Total memory used: 3 GB. Out of 30. Very cool. It was about US $350. It has a color screen, and although it’s only 2″ by 2″, the photos look good on it. For an itinerant guy like me, the ability to carry around my entire music collection (it’s not all in there yet, but it’s coming) and a bunch of photos in a contraption the size of a pack of cigarettes is just too good to pass up.

The second: I recently picked up a Palm Zire 31 PDA. It’s the cheapest Palm makes: 150 bones. Color screen. 16 MB of space. I’ll use it to store my contacts and keep my calendar. My first PDA, after years of resistance. (Why did I resist? I don’t know.)

Finally, on a related note, a few of you have asked for a link to my “Thoughts on the Mac Experience” post, which I wrote after switching from a PC to my iBook last year. Knock yourselves out.

“Laura K. Krishna is a Plagiarist”

If you’re a high school slacker looking for a plagiarized paper, be careful who you IM.

Back in the USSA

I’m typing this dispatch from Beaufort, South Carolina. Back Stateside, baby. After over a year in Asia. Jill’s in Seattle–we parted ways for the time being in Tokyo.

I arrived here, to the Lowcountry of SC, late Friday night after a grueling five-leg jaunt that took me from Kaohsiung to Taipei to Tokyo to Los Angeles to Washington, DC to Savannah, Georgia. 30-plus hours of travel time. Torturous.

I’m working on posting the images from our exceptionally fun Vietnam trip. And in the meantime, I’m gorging myself on the fruits of the deep south: I speak, naturally, of down-home comfort foods like fried chicken and BBQ between slices of spongy white Wonder bread and golden, crispy hush puppies and bananna pudding. I believe I my waist has grown four inches in the last 48 hours.

I’ll be posting more regularly now that I’m a bit more settled. My current plan is to be here in Beaufort for a week or two, and then begin my journey up the east coast (DC, NY, and Boston friends: I’m lookin’ at you) as I clear the cobwebs from my cranium and begin to search in earnest for gainful employment. I’m back in the USSA throuh the summer, at least. I feel happy to be home.

‘Nam Bound shall fall silent for the next two weeks.

Jill and I leave for Vietnam in a few hours. We finished teaching on Friday, have some time off, and then will be back in Taiwan on March 21st. On the 25th, we fly back ot the States. We’re excited to be heading to ‘Nam–we fly into Hanoi and then will likely make our way down the coast to Hoi An.

Bye for now.

A Little Birdie Told Me…

…that the current Kaohsiung 100 Pacers “player in focus” is yours truly.

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