A Few Links

—“Wallet Essentials” —“A Year of Getting Things Done” —Ways to fix your life: Quit your job. —Help these folks build their very own hobbit hole. Please. It’d be hilarious.

Tsunami Update

Oh, man. The death toll’s surpassed 55,000. Links for more info: —TsunamiHelp.blogspot.com —Command Post: How to Help —All about the quake and resulting tsunami —Photos from Phuket

Gladwell on Diamond

Malcolm Gladwell reviews Jared “Guns, Germs, and Steel” Diamond’s new book, “Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed.”

Bloggers’ Favorite Books: Another Update

Danny Yee sends along his thoughts (scroll down to “my ‘best books’ read in 2004”).

Xmas in Taiwan

We had an enjoyable Christmas weekend here in Kaohsiung. Here’re some photos of our celebrations (I contributed my world-famous deviled eggs and chocolate-covered strawberries to the turkey dinner feast).

Tidal Waves Kill 5,600 in Southeast Asia

You’ve probably heard the news already: an enormous earthquake early today triggered massive tidal waves in Thailand, Sri Lanka, and Malaysia; approximately 5,600 people have perished. As you may remember, Jill and I spent the Thanksgiving weekend last month at a beach resort in Phuket, Thaland, an area which was hit hard. A sad, sad, […]

Some Links

–An HR assistant from the Starbucks corporate office exchanges emails with the CEO. Hilarious. –Media, technology, and search: Predictions for 2005. –Santa, dear Santa, please please puh-leeeeease bring me a meat air freshener. —“What the Bagel Man Saw.” —Robert Birnbaum discusses “his wave-making book Moneyball and the current state of baseball, plus whats good and […]

Another Blogger Weighs In

Zimran Ahmed, author of Winterspeak, which is one of my all-time favorite Weblogs (despite the fact that so much of it is over my head), writes: “Favorite books:– The Baroque Cycle by Neal Stephenson (Quicksilver, The Confusion,The System of the World)– This book(s) is enormous, messy, funny, smart, stupid, etc. The manhas clearly transcended editing, […]

Bloggers’ Favorite Books Update

The second annual Bloggers’ Favorite Books survey is attracting some eyeballs, thanks to links from Maud and Lizze and Mark and Jen and Laila and Dale and Derek (as well as the newfound Tingle Alley). Also, Daniel Olivas, a writer from LA, sends along his thoughts: “one of my favorite books of 2004 was the […]

Bloggers’ Favorite Books of 2004

For the second year running, I asked some of my favorite bloggers which books they most enjoyed over the last year. (Not necessarily books published in 2004, but any book they discovered over the last 12 months.) Here’s what they said. (Before we start: have a Weblog and want to contribute your picks? Email me […]