Back From Taipei

Quick note: we’re back from Taipei. A good time was had by all.

My soccer team performed well, making it to the semi-finals, where we were beaten by an excellent squad that went on to win the championship (and which contained a member of the Taiwan national soccer team).

The logistics of the trip are worth noting: we took a 4 a.m. bus up to Taipei early Saturday. (It’s about a 5-hour journey.) Then, Sunday evening, when the tournament was over, we decided to hop on a flight home. We showed up at the aiport at 6:00 p.m., paid about US$60 each, and got on a 6:20 p.m. flight.

Before we departed, we were hanging out at the gate and someone handed me a cold oat soda. I cracked it open with zeal and thus, when we boarded, I marked a new milestone in my traveling career: first time I’ve ever walked onto a plane with an open Kirin lager.

We arrived in Kaohsiung a mere 45 minutes later. Flying is definitely the way to go.

By Newley

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