We’re making some progress on the at-home Internet connection, so posts will continue to be limited. But here’re some links to check out for now:

Laura P. sends word about a worthy organization: Right to Vote, a group raising awareness about barriers to voting for those convicted of felonies. Seems to me that if you’ve done your time, you shouldn’t continue to be punished for your crime.

Wilco, my favorite band, has a new record due to hit stores June 22nd. But, predictably, the album’s already available for free via the Web. Ronen Givony, a Wilco fan in Boston (and owner an excellent Wilco lyrics site), set up, where, if you’ve downloaded the album and want to show your appreciation, you can donate money to Doctors Without Borders, a charity the band picked. (Story via Wendy H.)

– political analyst Jack W. writes to say he’s let his mind stray from the upcoming US presidential election long enough to ponder whether he could retrofit his Ducati to resemble the urban warfire motorcycles being sold in Baghdad.

–Just in time for opening day, Scott D. suggest I replace my link to the fantastic Braves Journal Weblog, which chronicles the travails of my beloved Atlanta Braves, with a blog devoted to a “REAL team,” the San Francisco Giants. Okay, Scotty boy, I’ll throw you a bone. Here, if you’re interested, dear readers, is an equally great Weblog: Across the Seams. (I still hate Barry Bonds, though.)

–Good God please help us. Reeves H. is guest blogging at Number One Hit Song.