The News from Ecuador this Week

My weekly Ecuadorian news round-up is over at Southern Exposure. Sneak preview: it contains volcanic eruptions and naked prison protests. (Southern Exposure, by the way, is now a part of Living in Latin America.)

“Wimps and Barbarians”

Terrence O. Moore says boys today too often don’t grow up to be real men of character. But he’s got a solution: teach them to be neither wimps nor barbarians.

A Few Notable Items

—mypetfat “consists of a 1oz. replica of body fat and a set of thoughts that are called mind stretches. Together, they are the mypetfatTM program.” (Thanks to David Z. for the link.) –The ever-prescient Nick M. sends along this excellent link: “The Road to Turducken, Part 2”: “The second day of the journey to the […]

Dispatch from DC

I’m back in DC. All’s well. I arrived Sunday evening. The trip was fine. It’s good to be back in Washington. I’ll be living and working here (minus a few out-of-town weekend sojourns) until late February. Then it’ll be back to South Carolina for a few days before making my way West-ward (to the Pacific […]

Once Again, I’m Hittin’ the Road…

I just cannot settle down in one place, it seems. I won’t be posting again until Monday or Tuesday. I’m leaving tomorrow morning to brave I-95 and drive from here, the southern coast of South Carolina, up to Washington, DC. My second such drive in less than two weeks. Eight hours of interstate highway excitement. […]

My Favorite Bloggers’ Favorite Books of 2003

What was the best book you read during the last year? I surveyed a select group of my favorite bloggers and asked them just that. Their answers–which ranged from the Chicago Manual of Style to a compendium of writings by a Ukranian anarchist–didn’t disappoint: —Blogger: DanaBlog: NumberOneHitSong Dana says: “…I am ashamed to admit that […]

Miscellaneous Items

–My friend Colin R. recently launched a New York-based software development firm called Cyrus Innovation. If Cyrus’s excellent site is any indication of the work they do, then they clearly produce user-centered, high-quality stuff. –I mentioned Richard Ford in my last post. He’s a writer I’ve begun reading recently. And man, is he good. I […]

Why I Love Wilco

This is a topic I’ve been meaning to address for many months. I’ve been putting it off because I’ve felt I can’t possibly articulate how much I love the music produced by Wilco. But I’ll try. I discovered the Chicago-based band about a year ago, when I attended, within the span of a month, 1) […]