Off to SC…and then Ecuador

I won’t be posting anything for the next couple of days. I’m busy packing up all my stuff and moving out of my apartment. I leave for South Carolina tomorrow morning, where I’ll be with my family until Christmas day. And then I leave for Ecuador on December 26th. (Related item: my friend Peter sent […]

Harry Potter

I finshed Harry Potter #1 and have moved on to #2. It’s ridiculous, but a few friends have rolled their eyes at my newfound love of J. K. Rowling’s wonderful books–and they are wonderful. To my friends and family who expect more from me, I say this: yes, I am, indeed, still a literary aesthete. […]

Brooks on elite college students

David Brooks discusses hanging out, hooking up, politics, and success: the lives of elite college students. (An updated version of last year’s “The Organization Kid.”)

Podhoretz on Trent Lott story

John Podhoretz says Weblogs kept the Trent Lott story alive: “If Lott is forced to resign as Senate majority leader, which is devoutly to be wished, credit must go to the blogosphere.” (Via Nick Denton.)

Harry Potter

I’m not afraid to admit it: I’m almost finished with the first “Harry Potter,” and I love it. Great book. Harry’s a compelling character; he and his friends get into cool adventures; and most important, it’s just a good story. So since my mind’s been drifting toward the Potter-inspired magical realm of late, I was […]

Trent Lott

Wow. Trent Lott said almost the same exact thing about Strom Thurmond in 1980. (Also, I didn’t know that as an undergrad, Lott was a male cheerleader at Ole Miss.)